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As some of you may know, I live in the city of Cincinnati, a place where crime such as murder, assault and racial riots run rampant. I can recall several riots that went on down town that could be heard from miles away. Seeing smoke rise from burning cars and homes. Being terrified. Even nursing school was cancelled temporarily because it was too close to all the action. It truly was horrifying.

So as of today the word has gone out that people are to prepare for another such riot. I will keep everyone posted with what is going on, what I see, what I hear. Am I scared? Not so much. Do I hate what I know is about to happen? Most definitely. I know the people of my city will be scared, hurt, and some even killed because of this. Property will be lost. Hardship will fall on everyone, even those that are miles away. We will see children accidently shot or severely burned. What have they done to anyone? It seems like a miniature civil war just in our state alone. One half fighting the other. It sucks.

So yes, I made the obligatory trip to the grocery, along with everyone else in the city. I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up any medications anyone in the family would need, along with everyone else. I filled up the gas tank of my truck, again, like everyone else. And yes folks, I picked up bullets for our household gun. Do I think I will need it? I certainly hope not. But am I willing to chance it? Hell no.

Now why is the riot going to happen? It call rests on a jury’s choice. Does Zimmerman go free or not. Goes free, we have a race riot. Sad but still very true. We have an average or 2 to 4 murders a night here in Cincinnati. This is a rough city, no denying that. Made worse by lack of work and increase in drug/alcohol abuse. It doesn’t help that we only have an “acting” police chief. A lot of things kind of get swept under the rug it would seem.

So all in all, I will keep everyone posted on how things go. Please, pray for my city, for we are troubled.


163567_505666196164067_485234499_n    Hello Everyone!

Just wanted to bring this fantastic quarterly publication to your attention. Its filled with stories, interviews and factoids, all surrounding the paranormal/supernatural. Next issue is released in mid-July. Look for my article about Jay Verburg from SyFy Channels Ghost Mine.

Also, if your really into horror movies and books, follow me and my friends on Icons Of Horror, on Facebook. You will find a lot of pictures, movie information, reviews, and conversations all based on your worst nightmares. So come have some fun with us.

Everyone have a fantastic day and I will see you tomorrow!

Synopsis: After a demon apocalypse kills their parents and everyone they know, 17-year old Abby, her brother, Carter, and friend Max, flee their home to travel through what has become the Wastelands of America. When radio transmissions of a resistance offering shelter and safety cease, Abby is tempted to give in. Struggling to overcome life-threatening obstacles on their journey, Abby and her companions quickly discover there are much worse things that they could have ever imagined.

Ok, this is a fantastic young adult novel. Its originality in demons truly make it stand out. While these teens are fighting for their lives, the book still somehow manages to keep their innocence as well.

The characters are wonderful, I found myself rooting for them the whole way through the book. In some parts, I really did hold my breath, waiting for the outcome. The strength of family showed through in this tale, as well as the concept that sometimes, your family includes people you grew up with as well as people you meet throughout your journey in life.

Megan Duncan truly did a great job on this! I cannot wait to read the second part of this series.

Psycho Neighbors

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Like I had warned you in the introduction to my blog you will occasionally get a story about my insane neighbors next door. They are bullies. I don’t tolerate bullies of any sort, and definitely don’t let anyone push me around.

Little background. They have 2 dogs that constantly bark and get loose. One of which has attacked both my son and myself. I went to speak to them and literally was told to fuck off. Ok, fine be that way. Dogs bark more than 20 minutes, I call the cops. Dog gets loose onto my property, I call the cops. Anyone is attacked on my property, I shoot the dog. Hard for me to say since I’m a huge dog lover but I will do it.

They opened a gun range of some sort in the back yard. Nothing I can do about the guns going off all the time, it’s legal here in this rural area. After 10 p.m. however, I call the cops. Usually they are drunk by then and have quit on their own anyway. On Thanksgiving they accidently shot one of their friends and laughed hysterically as the ambulance took him away. Disgusting.

So they decided to quit mowing a 6 foot wide path between their yard and mine. I asked them to mow the yard…go fuck yourself. umm ok. So when the weeds reached chest high I called the township. They spoke to the neighbors and were told no because I told them not too. Then when I showed the emails I sent asking them to mow it they said it was our property. Survey says: their property. By this time the township is pissed off. They pay a $500 fine or mow. They mowed.

They have been nasty to homeowners all around here and several have gotten sick of them and their crap. So problems got started between them and the other neighbors. Of course it’s my fault so they called cops again and said I’m making people pick on them. The greatest thing I ever heard was the cop saying that no they were just assholes and people were right to complain about them. Love the cops.

Today, engineers are out there because they are going to build a fence at the neighbors expense. Please. Please. Please let it be a huge giant privacy fence. I would grumble a whole lot less if they did. I would be so glad not to look at the nasty yard filled with garbage.

Potters Field

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This summer, a group of friends and our children went to Potters Field.  There are over 5000 bodies buried there, most of them from the Cholera outbreak. We decided that this graveyardImage was so overgrown that we should maybe clean it up a bit. It had rained the night before so there was a lot of marshy areas and we got super dirty by the end of the day, but the work was actually so rewarding. We scraped off the plaques that all simply read male or female and the date. Some actually just said unknown or child. It was heartbreaking. Many plaques were horribly broken but we did the best we could.  The group hauled out several full bags of trash. Anything from clothing to fast food wrappers. Some graves had the bones beginning to rise up from the ground and as sad as it was there really was nothing we could do about those. I ran across the picture today and thought I would write about it. All those poor people that time had forgotten about.

Just in case….

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Just in case I miss a day or two, it’s most likely due to bad weather. Being in a rural area like mine, storms blow through and all the lines go down. One of the pitfalls of living in a valley next to a river I guess. Not complaining in the least though. I watched the movie Warm Bodies today. I can’t say it was anything impressive. In fact, it was rather stupid. However one of my fave movies, Paranormal Entity comes on the Chiller Channel tonight so I’m hoping the power stays on at least that long. What movies have ya’ll seen lately that you loved?

Image Synopsis: When Gary’s girlfriend Joan vanishes, calls to her parents home yield only dead air. Her school records are gone. There is no longer any evidence that she even existed. Most disturbing of all is what Gary does find: a warning and a tantalizing clue, leading to a mysterious backward cult known as the Homesteders. Now Gary may be the next to disappear.

Now, I am a HUGE fan of horror. HUGE! I also totally love Bentley Little’s writing. Most of his books totally enthrall me by the end of the first chapter. This one took a bit longer.

I can’t really say that this book was horror. It was more of a mystery that involved a creepy cult. Having been a psych nurse for 20 years, and having worked closely with cult members in the past, most cults’ are creepy.

The characters are mostly realistic but not believable. How many college students are going to give up everything they have, including their lives, for a person they only  met a couple weeks ago?

So while it really took me awhile to totally get into the book, it was still for the most part a good read. You won’t find anything paranormal or supernatural, but you will get curious as to how it all ends.