Posted: July 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

Sorry folks, spent a few days not really feeling all that hot. Still really don’t have much to write about today, but truly I need to just write something. Anything. I have been curled up on the couch reading and watching movies all weekend. Literally, all weekend. Went almost 72 hours without a single wink of sleep.

There have been 2 Lil Bit sightings since he left home. He never comes close. Just answers our peeps and lets us know he is doing ok. Seems pretty proud of himself!

We have a tank that stores gas for the house and a Carolina Wren set up a nest on top of it this season. Had 5 babies. It was neat watching them grow and leave. Well, I found out this weekend that there is a new batch of babies now. Four of them. Getting bigger and just now getting feathers in. I took my son out to see them today, and taught him a bit about them.

It is blazing hot today. And humid. So humid that you can barely even breathe. My huge list of things that needed doing got cut in half by 7 a.m. I ran all my errands early, so glad that I did.

Ah well, that is really all I have to say about anything really. Tomorrow, I should be back up and running like my usual self.

Love and Light Y’all


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