Flood baby

Posted: July 7, 2013 in Uncategorized
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So Ohio has had nothing but rain for days, resulting in tremendous flooding in our area. A little birds nest was found on the ground, swept away by the water. 2 of the babies were already dead, however there was 1 that was still fighting. That in itself was a miracle.

We call him “lil bit”. He was a week old yesterday. I have been wrapped up in the wonder of him for days now. On a diet of softened cat food, fed with a syringe, he is doing remarkably well. Today he found his voice and is peeping up a storm lol.

Perching is very important and after a few days of teaching, he has almost perfected it. He has learned to hop also. At feeding time, which is every hour give or take, he hops to me, stretches this impossibly long neck, and opens his mouth. He then turns and hops over to my husband for some cuddle time. I think we are both in love.

We are going to attempt to return him to the wild, it just honestly isn’t likely since we have had him almost since birth. But we are going to try it. If not, we have another pet.

I have been so distracted I forgot to blog yesterday. Today I forgot I had boiled eggs cooking, they soon exploded and went all over my kitchen. I think I just kind of stood in shock at the huge mess it made. Who knew boiled eggs exploded like that? Ah well, just another adventure.

Stay dry my friends.


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