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As some of you may know, I live in the city of Cincinnati, a place where crime such as murder, assault and racial riots run rampant. I can recall several riots that went on down town that could be heard from miles away. Seeing smoke rise from burning cars and homes. Being terrified. Even nursing school was cancelled temporarily because it was too close to all the action. It truly was horrifying.

So as of today the word has gone out that people are to prepare for another such riot. I will keep everyone posted with what is going on, what I see, what I hear. Am I scared? Not so much. Do I hate what I know is about to happen? Most definitely. I know the people of my city will be scared, hurt, and some even killed because of this. Property will be lost. Hardship will fall on everyone, even those that are miles away. We will see children accidently shot or severely burned. What have they done to anyone? It seems like a miniature civil war just in our state alone. One half fighting the other. It sucks.

So yes, I made the obligatory trip to the grocery, along with everyone else in the city. I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up any medications anyone in the family would need, along with everyone else. I filled up the gas tank of my truck, again, like everyone else. And yes folks, I picked up bullets for our household gun. Do I think I will need it? I certainly hope not. But am I willing to chance it? Hell no.

Now why is the riot going to happen? It call rests on a jury’s choice. Does Zimmerman go free or not. Goes free, we have a race riot. Sad but still very true. We have an average or 2 to 4 murders a night here in Cincinnati. This is a rough city, no denying that. Made worse by lack of work and increase in drug/alcohol abuse. It doesn’t help that we only have an “acting” police chief. A lot of things kind of get swept under the rug it would seem.

So all in all, I will keep everyone posted on how things go. Please, pray for my city, for we are troubled.


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