Psycho Neighbors

Posted: June 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Like I had warned you in the introduction to my blog you will occasionally get a story about my insane neighbors next door. They are bullies. I don’t tolerate bullies of any sort, and definitely don’t let anyone push me around.

Little background. They have 2 dogs that constantly bark and get loose. One of which has attacked both my son and myself. I went to speak to them and literally was told to fuck off. Ok, fine be that way. Dogs bark more than 20 minutes, I call the cops. Dog gets loose onto my property, I call the cops. Anyone is attacked on my property, I shoot the dog. Hard for me to say since I’m a huge dog lover but I will do it.

They opened a gun range of some sort in the back yard. Nothing I can do about the guns going off all the time, it’s legal here in this rural area. After 10 p.m. however, I call the cops. Usually they are drunk by then and have quit on their own anyway. On Thanksgiving they accidently shot one of their friends and laughed hysterically as the ambulance took him away. Disgusting.

So they decided to quit mowing a 6 foot wide path between their yard and mine. I asked them to mow the yard…go fuck yourself. umm ok. So when the weeds reached chest high I called the township. They spoke to the neighbors and were told no because I told them not too. Then when I showed the emails I sent asking them to mow it they said it was our property. Survey says: their property. By this time the township is pissed off. They pay a $500 fine or mow. They mowed.

They have been nasty to homeowners all around here and several have gotten sick of them and their crap. So problems got started between them and the other neighbors. Of course it’s my fault so they called cops again and said I’m making people pick on them. The greatest thing I ever heard was the cop saying that no they were just assholes and people were right to complain about them. Love the cops.

Today, engineers are out there because they are going to build a fence at the neighbors expense. Please. Please. Please let it be a huge giant privacy fence. I would grumble a whole lot less if they did. I would be so glad not to look at the nasty yard filled with garbage.


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