Good Morning!

Posted: June 27, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Wow! For the first time in ages I slept all through the night! Love that! Ok, more about me I guess. This blog is going to be fun. You will get everything from book and movie reviews, crazy stories of things that happen to me and some of my more insane thoughts. The only thing that I ask is while all comments are loved, lets keep it nice. Free speech is a big thing with me but that doesn’t give anyone the right to be nasty to somebody else.  Anything you all want to say can be said without name calling and such right? Right! I am currently a stay at home mother of a 14 year old boy, I am a published writer working on a book of short stories currently. I live out in a rural area that I totally love, but I do have a set of neighbors next door who are insane and I find that they give me things to write about often. I was married six months ago to a truly remarkable man that I love deeply. We are currently working on him adopting my son, at my sons’ request. I am a huge animal lover and this fall our dog Loki had brain damage as a result of surgery and had to go live elsewhere since he became violent. I have a Sulcata tortoise and my son has a box turtle named Mr. Turtle lol. An awesome fish tank sits in the living room and watching it is soothing and helps with blood pressure too. So anyways, welcome everyone and let’s have ourselves some fun!


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