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Sorry folks, spent a few days not really feeling all that hot. Still really don’t have much to write about today, but truly I need to just write something. Anything. I have been curled up on the couch reading and watching movies all weekend. Literally, all weekend. Went almost 72 hours without a single wink of sleep.

There have been 2 Lil Bit sightings since he left home. He never comes close. Just answers our peeps and lets us know he is doing ok. Seems pretty proud of himself!

We have a tank that stores gas for the house and a Carolina Wren set up a nest on top of it this season. Had 5 babies. It was neat watching them grow and leave. Well, I found out this weekend that there is a new batch of babies now. Four of them. Getting bigger and just now getting feathers in. I took my son out to see them today, and taught him a bit about them.

It is blazing hot today. And humid. So humid that you can barely even breathe. My huge list of things that needed doing got cut in half by 7 a.m. I ran all my errands early, so glad that I did.

Ah well, that is really all I have to say about anything really. Tomorrow, I should be back up and running like my usual self.

Love and Light Y’all



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So yesterday evening Lil Bit decided it was time to go. I didn’t even get to really say goodbye. We just thought we had a few more days with him. On one hand, I am sad. I was momma ya know? On the other, I am so proud that this dying creature was nursed back to health and has returned to the wild. I know he will be fine, but I kinda hope that he stops in a time or two just to say hello. I know, I am a sentimental sap.


New Plans

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So today Lil Bit will start going outside the learn how to fend for himself. We will teach him to hunt first. He has decided that flying around the house is fun and loves to watch out the window. His life expectancy is drastically cut by remaining in captivity so the best thing for him to return to the wild. The family will miss him but you know the old adage, if you love something set it free….

Huge storm blew through yesterday evening. Flooding ensued. We are fortunate enough to live on high ground but so many people have had property damage and personal items ruined that can never be replaced.

Everyone is still awaiting the jury verdict on the Zimmerman trial. Police are out in force today, reminders on the news of possible riots. I am glad that its summer and my son isn’t in school. My husband however works at the college downtown and I worry for him, should anything start. We are famous for our riots sadly, so it is a very real possibility.

Well, I’m off to tend to the animals, clean the house, and of course, sit down and do some writing. Big excitement I know! My life is blessed and I’m happy, not everyone can say the same. Love and Light to you all.

Book and Home Front

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So I have been thinking the last couple days about a new book idea. Actually I am thinking that I will make it a series of novelettes all based on the same story. Naturally it will be thrills and chills, because that is what I love to write.

On the home front, baby bird has kept me insanely busy. It now has 2 different types of chirps, one that says hold me, the other of course is feed me. He is now learning to perch a bit, and still waiting on tail feathers so it can learn to fly. It is still too early to tell, but we are thinking we may not be able to teach it to live on its’ own, so perhaps we have another family member. I must say, my heart melts when the little things cuddles up to me.

Today is the one year anniversary of me shattering my ankle and leg. Miss one step on the staircase and your life is changed forever. I am still not totally used to the titanium they installed, and the pain is still rather persistent. This gorgeous limp, well, I am just gonna have to live with it. I mean really, what can you expect when from the shin down it was twisted totally backwards! I still member my son freaking out over that and watching (though I told him to turn away) me twist my leg back around. To this day he thinks I am the biggest bad ass lmao!

Hope that all of you are having a wonderful day today!

Flood baby

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So Ohio has had nothing but rain for days, resulting in tremendous flooding in our area. A little birds nest was found on the ground, swept away by the water. 2 of the babies were already dead, however there was 1 that was still fighting. That in itself was a miracle.

We call him “lil bit”. He was a week old yesterday. I have been wrapped up in the wonder of him for days now. On a diet of softened cat food, fed with a syringe, he is doing remarkably well. Today he found his voice and is peeping up a storm lol.

Perching is very important and after a few days of teaching, he has almost perfected it. He has learned to hop also. At feeding time, which is every hour give or take, he hops to me, stretches this impossibly long neck, and opens his mouth. He then turns and hops over to my husband for some cuddle time. I think we are both in love.

We are going to attempt to return him to the wild, it just honestly isn’t likely since we have had him almost since birth. But we are going to try it. If not, we have another pet.

I have been so distracted I forgot to blog yesterday. Today I forgot I had boiled eggs cooking, they soon exploded and went all over my kitchen. I think I just kind of stood in shock at the huge mess it made. Who knew boiled eggs exploded like that? Ah well, just another adventure.

Stay dry my friends.

This is the first installment in a series of books. The following are, in order, Water, Air, Fire and Spirit.

Follow Shayna and her two best friends through a world filled with magic. They all have the power to manipulate the elements and cast spells to help make their world a better place.

This is really a great series for any person who enjoys magic and creatures we’ve all dreamed of such as mermaids, fairies, and guardian angels.

You will find yourselves caring about the characters and the adventures they have. Don’t be surprised if you find yourselves with a totally different perspective on many creatures you meet along the way.

I would have to say that these are good for young adults and up. There are a few references to sex but the books do contain a lot of violence. Nothing outrageous, but if your a parent who closely watches what their kids read, be sure to look it over first.

Happy 4th of July!!!

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It’s a very wet and dreary day today. Not that I’m complaining, I really like it that way. Relaxing. Not to mention, so far I haven’t had to hear any fireworks yet from next door.  I’ve just been sitting here enjoying The Walking Dead marathon on AMC. Totally love that show!

My 2-year old nephew broke his arm the other day in NY after flipping off an armchair. Little Man was a trooper I hear. Mommy, not so much. Isn’t that the way of almost all parents? They childrens injuries hurt us more than them? He picked out a lovely pink cast, and I hear he is bouncing around having fun with his new puppy.

My son is insisting that his box turtle needs a girlfriend. Apparently Mr. Turtle keeps mounting a rock in his habitat and my son fears he will suffer from Blue Shell (get it mom, like blue balls). I couldn’t help but laugh. I mean really where do kids come up with something like that? Oh wait! That is something I would have said, so I guess it’s from me lol.

Not much else is going on here, and I am certainly not complaining. I really could use a quiet break from the normal stresses today. Not much writing or cleaning or anything is getting done. As Scarlett would say “I’ll think about that tomorrow”!

So I hope that all of you have a fantastic wonderful day. And if you celebrate the 4th, enjoy this time with your family and friends. Happy Birthday America! Love and Light to you all.